looking for issajenko quote

There used to be an interview on the internet with Angella Issajenko that I cannot find. She had a quote that was like ‘the adrenaline rush before a race was so big you felt like you would die’ ‘f all you guys’, etc. The article seems to have disappeared from google. I posed it here at least once but cannot extract it with this search tool in a reasonable amount of time. It was one some site like //AthleticLinks// or something… had a photo of her in a swimsuit, green site background, etc. I can’t even find the site. Never rely on stuff on the internet to last forever.

Anyone able to find this or a reference to it??? Thanks!

I can’t give you an internet reference, but here is the exact quote

I really enjoyed the rush I would get before a race. Sometimes the adrenalin was so overwhelming, you felt you would die, but it was awesome. I marched into every race thinking “f*** you guys, I am going to kill you today,” even when I didn’t win.

Sweet. Thanks!

You’re welcome. I have given this quote to selected girls on my team (only the ones who I hear using “f***” themselves. LOL).

deep… def. gonna use this.