RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

Game Day…

GRRRR, still waiting…

Week 4: Sept 20
Sunday: 240
Warmup C
3x20sled,3x30mb 2,3x30 fd 90-120/2-3.5
4xohb,blf,hop ohb
core 200x+strides

Box jump x9 x9 x9
Power clean rest 90-120sec 5x2x235 3x2x225
Bench press Pause 4x5
Rdl+db row 3x6
Rev lunge 3x6x70
core 200x

Hip is great but my right elbow is killing me…

Tuesday: 1400
Warmup Z
2x7x100 60/4min
Weight Circuit B/D 2x10
core 200x

Move the circuits to Tue because we travel Friday morning.

Wednesday: 250
Warmup C
2x20 fd,5x30sled,2x30 pushup 1.5-3/3-5
4xblf,ohb,hop blf
Louisana jump circuit 1x10
core 200x+strides

Gonna be getting some technical work and therapy from Mike Young, should help a lot esp the therapy…

Nothing beats good therapy. Hard to find though. When did you hook up with Young?

What do you mean, he’s like 20-30mins away from me.

I just thought he may have been further than that. Have you gotten any work from him before?

No, been busy with football…

Hip snatch 2x3x115
Power clean 30-45sec 8x2x225
Squats Pause 4x5
Db incline press Pause 2x8
Rdl+Lat pd 3x8+3x8
core 200x

Had to cut short the incline because my elbow is hurting. Will do tempo after our last lifting group…

Thur: 1200
Warmup A
6x200+plank series+walk 200

Broke the ice…

Week 5: Sept 27
Sunday: 300
Warmup C
3x20sled,3x30falling,5x30(timed) 3pt 1.5-120/3-3.5 spikes
core 200x

Drop the throws because my elbow is causing trouble.

Box jump x10 x10 x10
Power clean rest 90-120sec 2x235 8x2x245 2x2x255
Rdl+db row 3x6
Rev lunge 4x6x70
1 arm db bp 4x6
core 200x

Drop bench press - elbow.

Curious what my clean max is right now???

Probably 275-285?

If I had to guess much higher, I can do 275 coming off a 4-6 week layoff.

Tuesday: 1600
Warmup Z
2x8x100+plank series 45/3mins

I got the technical and therapy session setup for next Monday with Mike, so I will be changing my weekly setup for next week…

Is it a one on one session?