look at my 58 inch box jump


copy and paste the address in a new window

That still didn’t work for me.

same here…

save target as…

nice jump

I can’t understand why it’s not working. I’ll work it out.

worked fine for me. that is awesome… what events do you do? pr’s?

Looks like you had room for a few more inches even!

I run the 100m, I was 8th at the world indoor finals(60m) i cramped up.

Hey, I was there too but I was out of the rounds. Can’t recognize you though. I’ll check the videos again. Thats good to have such world class posting here. Good luck man

Wow thats damn high, good stuff.

nice jump, how tall are u and what is your vert?

I’m 5’11 and my vertical 2 years ago was 36"

hey nic how is VanWyk doing this year?

Just watched your run in the final - pity about the cramp. Nice run in the semi though.

where did you get the video

4 those who can´t see the movie,
save target as…then try to open from Quick Time.

Well, about the jump, is pretty impressive,
have you ever tried High Jump ? :slight_smile:

And, hey, i saw that maybe you have some videos about starts,
could please post this videos too ?


I thing I’m much better at sprinting.
I’ll try to upload the start videos later.


the PBs? I guess:


right? :wink:

Cool Jump, too…

yep, that’s right, 20.80