longer sprints

i know this is not a gpp question, if you have a pure 60-100m guy and he has completed the 7-8 week gpp phase, 12week spp phase, during the indoor phase from jan-march would his runs still stay no longer then 60m or would you extend them into 70-80+?

come on guys any tips.

I would extend them past 60. Maybe up to 80 or 90m.

100m runners run 120s. 200 meter runners run 250s. You get the point.

yeh i get the point, i just always thought that cf stuck with 60< indoors.

I guess it depends what your weakness is also. If you are getting killed at the end of a 60 like alot of guys then you better work on something more than 60m in training ESPECIALLY if you’ve already completed 20weeks of work at 60m and shorter.

how would a week look like performing something longer then 60?

This year i will be competing primarily in the 55m, and even at such a short distance I get beat up at the end of the race. So i start adding a lot of 65m and 80m work going into the end of the indoor.

However like mortac said if your weak at the end of a 60m and you plan to transition into the 100 I dont see the problem of working some 110-120s in, you dont want to get blown away and have to play catch up during the outdoor season. However if the beginning of the race is your weakness stay at 60 or under.

if u guys could least post some workouts that are done indoor that would help, just want to see some example. im only running indoors, i may do some outdoors not sure.

i seen in some thread that cf said that change of speed drills shouldnt be done when tapering, have u guys ever heard of this

Here is the way I set it up, probably not the ideal situation and could be argued not enough rest/active recovery, but it worked for me, also had a lot to do with scheduling around classes etc.


Noon - quick leg drills
5PM - 3x30m 6min rest followed by 3x30m fly 6min rest
7PM - upper body weights


5PM - single + multi jumps, low amount of contacts not killing yourself
7PM - lower body weights

Wednesday: off


Noon and 7pm Same as Monday
5PM - 2x2x80m 8m/15m


Usually off or light tempo with sauna and contrast bath.

Saturday: meet

That is roughly what I did during the season with good success. Note the running seems a little light however we had no indoor track and speed work just isnt speed work in 20F weather and snow, so I tended to focus more on the weights and plyos which I was sure I would have no problem doing.

no blk work on thur? r the 80’s from blks.

O yea, sorry about, the 3x30m is from blocks

And on thursday, I may do the 2nd set out of blocks depending on how I feel, more a matter of preference then a steadfast rule, the way I see it my start is pretty good for my skill level, there are other ways to shave off .01 right now other than blocks, but again thats just my preference.

kools, sounds good.

We had to stay with 60 m because that’s as far as we could go and still have room to stop. But you can do split runs if your season requires it. Also remember on the Vanc 2004 DVD you can see that recovery is incomplete for a significant period. Check the graph for the short-to-long to see what I mean.

Charlie, on the short-to-long graphs for Vanc 2004, you show split 60m runs(special endurance) on Monday and Friday with speed on wed up to week 7, then, from week 8 to 12 you have two days of speed and one special endurance. Can you explain why the two days of special endurance runs for the first 7 weeks?

i was under the impression it was or is from the “working from right to left” chart.

to develop the special end and to easy into the 2 speed days.

so if we are having problems finsihing the 60 would you recomm some 70-80 off the top of the curve indoors or just stick to the 60m spilt runs?

I would stay with split runs t protect the legs and bck with faster athletes.

hey cf for a athlete who need top speed work would you make any changes to the gpp or spp phase strength/speed programs?