long to short from the VC dvd

I was looking thru the PDF that came with the DVD. Before I misinterpet, every training session ends with str. endurance. Is that hill work??


Strength Endurance is drills (like running As - high knee drills) carried out over distances upto 300m they can take upto 3 min - paraphrasing CF. This is one of the questions asked by someone in the audience in the DVD.

You need to watch it a few times through to get everything.

I am still waiting on the DVD so Im winging it :slight_smile:

If you are finishing up with drills can they be skipped in the warm up?

Good question! I would say you still need to warm up thoroughly for these sessions and if a few drills helps then keep them in.

Charlie, anyone?

Since their purpose is different, I suppose, you still have to do a few in the warm-up; perhaps you can keep them shorter, but you still need them.


The warm up can be quite general depending on the time of the season. Withthatsaid power speed drills (As and Bs) may not be a part of the warm up. Furthermore, in the situation being discussed these drills are serving to purposes. In the warm up they are preparing the body for the greater demands that lie ahead. At the conclusion of the workout and at such volumes they become a method of general condition for the leg and hip extensors.

I hope that helps… :smiley: