Linford's neice Miss England

Linford’s niece is
new Miss England
Published: Today

THE niece of former Olympic sprint champ Linford Christie was last night crowned the first black Miss England.

Rachel Christie, 20, who is set to represent Britain in heptathlon at the 2012 Olympics, triumphed despite being injured in a car crash last Friday.

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She suffered whiplash and bruising and spent the night in hospital but recovered to scoop the beauty title.

Rachel, from Kensington, West London, told organisers: "My ambition in life is to win gold in the 2012 Olympics.

“I want to be successful in whatever I choose to do in life.”

Protesters had gathered outside the event at the Metropole Hilton Hotel in Central London to denounce it as sexist.

They held banners with slogans “every woman is a queen” and “beauty is not skin deep”.

Rachel had been among the bookies’ favourites to clinch the title.

Seeexy! :stuck_out_tongue:

She can get it all day!

Very very nice!

Careful! Linford is writing down all your home addresses as we speak!

Charlie, we are just aspiring physios looking to get experience with elite athletes. Nothing more. :wink:

Don’t tell me. Tell Linford!

She was ranked 47th (out of 79) in the UK in the heptathlon last year with a score of 3875, and that was her highest senior ranking in any event so far.

Wouldn’t go out with you huh?

I’ve never met her and have been married for nearly 8 years. I just find it funny how someone who throws the shot to 6.79m and the javelin to 21.24m, runs the 100m hurdles in 16.66s and longjumps 4.83m is being portrayed as an olympic prospect here.

I wouldn’t say that the Sun was the most reliable news source …

Hey! Easy there guy! We’re joking here.

I know. I just wanted to clarify that I have nothing against her personally, but don’t think that winning a beauty contest is a good enough reason to portray a below average athlete as an olympic prospect.

It’s a beauty contest. Hell, it was either that or another speech on “world peace”!

lol I could care less how good she is. The hept is keeping that body tight.

As Dazed said The Sun is not exactly an august paper of record. But seriously for a moment, if there were more plodders like her just taking part in track and field, the participation base would be so huge that athletics would not have any problems with it’s support. She’s presumably doing it because it’s fun and as Chris points out, it keeps her trim and taut.

Charlie has obviously watched “Miss Congeniality” which is funny as…both parts 1 & 2. Highly recommended as light family comedy.

Kitkat: Coach, friend, film critic. A true Renaissance man.

Well this is the reason I love chocolate colored women (not wanting to say black). This is what track and field make me become. A black female lover. hahaha

I had no idea you were a black female

Ahh pardon my typo CF.

This is what track and field has helped me become infatuated with…black women…ahhhh.