Would plyo's help in my situation?

Im having serious problems with my sprinting. My strength levels are decent (over 2x bodyweight parallel squat) but I seem to lack any reactive power once I’m at around 15-20M in a race and throughout the rest of it, theres just nothing there if you know what I mean :frowning: I carried out a vertical jump test and got 58cm which stinks! I’m following my coaches plan for the season and was wondering if one or two sessions of plyo’s could help with developing some power that I desperately need! As i’m sprint training twice a week the number of contacts would have to be kept quite low I assume?

I think plyos are golden provided you can handle them without any injury problems. Therefore I would start with low volume low intensity. Then gradually develop the intensity and afterwards develop the volume as you adapt. That’s how I would approach it, but I’m sure others may have different opinions. I would recommend progressing slowly due to the injury risk, especially if it is an ‘extra’ component to your training.

A few plyos at the end of the warm-up can help with reactivity initially. After that is achieved, you have to decide on cost/benefit.
The activation type plyos/hops should be two foot IMO to promote relaxation as well as stimulation

Thanks, will give these a go and see how I get on!

Would straight leggs rebound jumps for distance and height across about 10m or so be good in a warm up? How much volume exactly is optimal during warm ups?

I would say straight legged bounds would be beneficial in a max velocity session and some plyos with greater flexion in acceleration workouts. That’s how I approach it. As for exact volumes, I’d be interested to hear!

If you were using plyos/hops before the speed work keep it simple.

hurdle hops 2x5 follow by speed work

pogo hops 2x15 follow by speed work

I have str leg bounds in my warmups.