Lightened feeling after hip traction

For anyone who may know:

I’ve been having hip trouble for the past couple of months. I have a muscle
imbalance between my right and left sides (L is stronger). My R SI joint
sometimes shifts under heavy loads. And my R Illiopsoas muscles are very tight.
Went to the chiro and he did an adjustment on my R Illiopsoas where he pulled my
leg from my hip in the sagital/frontal plane this definately helped. To mimic
this I have been doing some traction with a green band in the same planes while
slowly internally and externally rotating my hip (1minute), then I will
isometrically flex my hip to about 90’then position myself in a static hip
flexor stretch. When I stand up I feel very light, sort of like I am walking on
air, or don’t have much upper body weight (I weigh 260 at 5’11"). Usually I feel
like I am carrying a lot of weight in my hips.

My question is why do I get this sensation?

I am thinking this would help in sprint or jumping performance because of the
“lightened” feeling.

Any ideas or answers are greatly appreciated.

Tractioning is an important method for stimulating the propriocetors around joints to release muscle tension. Ann Frederick uses traction extensively in her stretching methods.

The reason you feel lighter is because the muscles around the hip joint capsule are relaxed and not compressing the joint. Remember that the upper body is connected to the pelvis through the fascia. Therefore, if you free up the pelvis, there is less tension in the fascia pulling down on the upper body.

Whenever practical, I like to add some type of traction to every stretch I do along with some movement around the joint in question.

do you think this would be beneficial prior to a maximal sprint e.g. 40 yd dash?

Dude51 can you tell us exactly how you do the traction for your hip - I have tight hip flexors and this might help me.

What does this mean exactly, I can’t figure it out (can’t remember which way the planes go).

Again can you describe how you position your leg here?

Also are there any books available including methods for using traction?


Dude51 can you tell us exactly how you do the traction for your hip - I have tight hip flexors and this might help me.

i use a average jumpstretch band. wrap it around your ankle a couple times, then hook the other end to something very sturdy. get down on your hands and knees and crawl away ffrom the band so there is a lot of tension. now you will look like you are on all fours, but one leg is being pulled straight out behind you by the band. slowly start ot raotate your straight leg while totally relaxing the hip, you will feel a little click or clunk in your hip while you do this. I posted the times for each movement in my original post. I do this following the flexibility routine for the lower body outlined on, this is also where I got the bands from. hope this helps