Lifting Order

two questions, would doing an explosive exercise first(ie jump squat, then the next exercise are power snatches) help to get your body “going”? and also would two limit strength exercises (for a clean, functional isometrics and clean dl) at the end of a workout be sufficient for limit strength development?

No, a warm up including progressive loading up to the working weight is all that is necessary to optimise performance. There is evidence however that the reverse is true, i.e. that low volume in a limit exercise may potentiate later performance in ballistic exercises (complex training!).

I don’t quite know what you are getting at with your second question. My weightlifters generally perform a full lift and a pull variation (e.g. snatch + snatch pull), but never with loads exceeding 110% of maximum.

my second question was asking if two limit strength exercises after clean/snatches and pullswould be sufficient for the development of limit strength

Whilst the velocity component (ESD!) means pulls are not ‘true’ limit exercises, they are close enough and will certainly improve maximum force (and with a significantly lower risk of overtraining than deads!)

NO further pulling exercises are therefore generally required. Currently, I keep total pulls (>75% of maximum clean) <16reps per session.