Lifting For Cross Country

We have started our base training for cross country this week and I have a good runnign program planned, but we have no strength or weight training at all and have never done so for track or cross country. In track I run the 800. I am already a decent runner putting out decent times but I think weight training will help me put me up another level. I assume weight training for the 800 for track will be different then what I should be doing now for cross country. So my question is what rep range, how many sets, how many days a week, what exercises? perhaps a sample routine for the week.??. thanks in advance

EDIT: we do no strength training either. not even pushups or crunches. we just basically warmup, run, cool down, stretch.

no one at all?

One of our colleagues, a former successful XC coach, utilized a consistent schedule of supplemental lifts with complex work (free weights/plyos). Looking at his program, they had a strong mid season phase and tapered considerably at the end. Other than med ball, jump roping and some hurdle hops, not much else in the beginning.

thank you.