Lifting Exercises

What are some lifting exercises that will increase speed? I am not training for any event. But i will give you a distance so you can help pick out exercises. Lets say…60m.
I need to know because i am making a summer lifting/conditioning program that i am hoping will prepare me for football.

Focus on Compound Excercises, which provide a stimulus across many muscles groups. This would include variants of:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Rows/ Pull-Ups
  • Clean/ Snatch Variations (if you have the skill)

Maybe Col would post the link to his web site with the lifts again, I’ve lost it and can’t find the link - it had a very good list and examples of each.
Do you have it GF?

squats (front and back)
snatch grip deads
good mornings

Those are all great! Dips and chins are more supp work but are worthwhile too.


this it?

The exercises are important, but the volume is as important, then intensity is the next most important aspect. It doesn’t matter what exercises you are doing if you overtrain yourself, or do so little there is no training effect.

Thank you,
But the one I was thinking of had mpeg examples … I try and trawl through the arhives again.

Oh the one with pretty lady demonstarting the lifts for you!!! I remember you had a certain attachment to that link, alright! LOL :sing:

wasn’t that at (nice lady demonstrating exercises)

Sorry guys - I think it was a college website that had a series of lifts demonstrated by the S&C club … ring any bells?
I figured the images were clearer than most for someone wanting to see demos. ?

from the thread:

Yes!! - Thanks Jimbo - that’s the one.

I have the site… just wait a sec

damn sorry. my dad had installed a new operative system on my computer, so my favorites were deleted

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Jimbo 10.07
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Technique is terrible in that link, for a lot of lifts (see Power Clean, for example).

Would use the link I posted above for examples of correct execution.

Yes I know - some of the techniques are Bruutal (as dustin would say) - If you know which are ok - the clarity is a big advantage.

I would point out to someone who hasn’t seen the OLs b4 that they are pulling too high on the (full/squat) cleans and snatches in that last link, or needlessly descending into a full squat position after catching in the power position, depending on how you consider it, to be a perfectionist. Do not confuse the clean/snatch shown there with the power clean/power snatch. i.e don’t copy those pictures, and try to get someone with experience to watch you/show you the lifts.

oh dear, they seem to be in favour of HIT training (principles) on the same site. See

another good sprint specific exercise is the reverse leg press and also the hip extension machine (when used properly)