Lewis greater than Bolt

You seem to have stuck your foot in your mouth once again:

The next day it seemed Indianapolis was intent on robbing him, as it did last year. This was, you will recall, the place where, in the 1982 Sports Festival, Lewis made a jump that some estimated to be 30 feet, only to have officials rule that even though he’d left no mark on the Plasticine that is used to detect a foul jump, his toe had broken the imaginary plane at the end of the board. Thus the sand was ordered swept before the jump could be measured. No such plane-breaking rule exists; the international and American rule books speak only of touching the ground beyond the end of the board. But the sand had been swept.


Note that Kenny Moore wrote that article in 1983. It’s not like somebody just made it up.

That Carl made an outrageous jump (and that meet officials made an equally outrageous screw up) at the 1982 Sports Festival in Indianapolis is not open to dispute. Too many people of high reputation saw it, and Charlie apparently knows some of them–no surprise. The only point open to dispute is how far over 30 feet it was.

You might consider learning what the hell you’re talking about before you go around attacking people.

That’s my point about the situation. There is absolutely no doubt it was a huge jump and also absolutely no doubt the officials had no right to sweep the sand after finding no mark in the plasticine because that’s what it’s there for. Now those who don’t like Carl will diminish the jump and those who do might exagerate it.
No one would accuse me of being a Carl lover but I’m still sure it was just over 30ft based on my info. Credit where credit is due.

The only reason he jumped over 30ft mark was that he never steped on the board or plastecine but over it and that is why there was no mark in the plasticine and that is also the reason why he could land so far :rolleyes:

The tv coverage at the time didn’t show that.
Of course, nowadays the replay like at the WCs would show exactly where the foot was.

There was video footage of the jump on youtube a year or two ago, but I was unable to find it when trying today. It was in a fairly long (9-10minutes or so) documentary style movie that was quite old, and I think had some mentions of ‘scientists’.

Have you seen it? Is there video? No. Is there photo evidence? No. Is Sports Illustrated a reliable source? Apparently, only when it is convenient. Do you know it was 9.82m? No. Does anybody? No. Quit being a dumbass.

Perhaps you are referring to this one:

Thanks - that is the same video I’m remembering.

That’s a typical crap video in which they want you to see something that is not shown.

Cool, yes I should of mentoned initially that I meant from an early age, rather than when he was older.

Cheers mate, because I don’t want this to turn in to another Fogelson “V” Goose argument thread.

No I have not been known to outright make-up stuff. I have merely been percieved to make-up stuff (by you). Because you just don’t seem to be able to understand that some other people might know a few things you don’t and visa-versa. Is it not concievable to you that I might possibly have a few different experiances than those you have had, and therefor; I will know more in some quaters than you? (just as you will know more in other quaters than me.)

Perhaps now fogelson, with the weight of support in this thread, you might realize that I am not the only one who knows of the carl lewis jump, and didn’t just make it up, and niether did I get my referance from the same referances mentioned in the thread.

I got mine from the horse’s mouth, because I read Carl Lewis auto-biography “inside-track” way back in 1989. However, I’m glad that other people in this thread have heard the same thing that I have, which means you can stop accusing me of making things up, time and time again, jumping on my back(just because you have never heard of it yourself.) Some of us have been fans of track and field for longer than yourself and might know a few things that you don’t and visa-versa.

Carl claimed something in an autobiography, ergo such claim is true. Yep, that sure has a lot of validity. Would hold up great in court. Make your claims to the IAAF and they may ratify it, hell, they ratified FloJo’s mark.