Leg Weights after Injury?

I have recently strained my hamstring (left) and was wondering how long should I wait before I start doing leg weights? it wasnt a bad strain (grade1-2) and therapist says there is no tear or scar tissue but is a feels a little ‘tight’.

Have started with 10m accelerations. Running can be intensified over next 2-3 days. It happened about 10 days ago. When can I start squatting, olympic lifting again?

tanx :slight_smile:

When these exercises don’t produce any pain, discomfort or tightness in your hamstring. I’d be careful with Olys though, because of the explosive nature of these exercises.


it my be also worth checking out the injury a bit further. If there is no sign of blood and the hammie feels tight might suggest a neural problem and it may be worth looking at your pelvis for imbalances.

tanx for the replies, guys. Anyone else?

Yes, Hydrotherapy…it plays an important role in rehab and it provides multi-variant directional resistance.

Make sure you get some manual therapy to break up any adhesions (perhaps that’s the tightness you feel). After that ,you should be ok to return to all training modalities.

Do I go staright in at the same level I was previously at or ramp it up gradually (over what time period?).

Have bumped Upper Body weights up and Microstretched regularly (after 3-4 days). No adhesions in the muscle, according to therapist.

tanx a lot.

The time needed to get back to the previous level will be directly related to the time off.

tanx Charlie.

I will return to the weights tomorrow after a 12 day absense and aim to be back to where I was in 12-14 days.