Leg Power: Shaq's Still Got It

LEG POWER: Shaq’s Still Got It!

I think if this shot would show from the floor up, we’d see that Shaq was only 8" in the air.

How much leg power does it take to boost 130kg 8 inches vertical? In a game situation. At his age. Etc. All things factored into play, he’s still pretty handy I’d say.

Shaq is 7’1’’ tall. His head looks about 15 inches below the rim. That puts him at over 20 inches in the air. His weight is according to NBA.com is 325 pounds or 147.7 kilos. That is impressive.

not impressed especially since he was 30 inches off the ground 5 years ago.

yea i heard his vertical was over 33 inches when he came into the league

he was lighter then tho

stupid orlando

Was he! :eek: In training? Or in an NBA playoff after a long regular season getting all banged up every second day? Was this at the start of a game or at the very end? Gee it can make a difference. Respect. Not enough to go round I guess. :slight_smile:

Shane Hamman 5-9 370 lbs 36 inch vert and mark henry 6-3 and over 400 lbs can also dunk, so not impressed with a 20 inch game vert from a 330 lb guy. i wouldnt be much impressed if my mom had a 20 inch vert, much less shaq. plus i am not impressed with the pic because i have seen him much higher a few years ago with the lakers, in the playoffs, on a bad toe, banged up. so respect my opinion, or did you use it all on shaq.

I respect your opinion but Shane and Mark are two of the strongest men in the world, most people can’t make those standards! Let’s see Shane and Mark play an 80 game NBA schedule plus playoffs, do windsprints for 60 min then we’ll see what their verticals are. Or better yet, let’s see them play Shaq one one one, I bet there will be only one man dunking, Shaq-diesel!

so respect my opinion, or did you use it all on shaq.

I doubt anyone was disrespecting your opinion? Respect shouldnt be thrown around so negatively.

Shane Hamman 5-9 370 lbs 36 inch vert and mark henry 6-3 and over 400 lbs can also dunk, so not impressed with a 20 inch game vert from a 330 lb guy

Im guessing it makes quite a difference height-wise, i mean 7’1’’, thats TALL! but those guys sure have a wicked verts as well for their weight anyways. However, the 20 inch vert on shaq’s part was just an estimate? it could have been a lot higher. And like KK said, this could have been in the middle of the game, or at the end, how long can shaq jump 30 inches in a high intensity game. Was he trying to jump as high as he could in that pic? He’s also making contact with other players on his way up.

I find it pretty impressive regardless, just b/c hes shaq:D

the post was about shaq jumping high and the pic was there to prove it, or try to prove it, and 20 inches doesnt cut it. challenging the two weighlifters i used to a game of one on one is crazy, its like telling shaq to compete in oly weightlifting. but jumping is neither ones sport. if you dont think that there are many guys over 300 lbs with verts WELL over shaqs, just check the NFL combine every year, and then go threw every NFL roster and count virtually every player in the league over 3 bills . like i said if i saw my mom jump 20 inches i might be a little impressed, but shaq, who cares. i like shaq a lot, i think he is great but his vert is nothing impressive no matter what time in the game it is. but i will say i KNOW he can jump higher than that pic. but my opinion is based on the pic, which is what the post was based off of.

Agreed, you can’t compare apples to oranges. Yet you are comparing Shane’s vertical under unknown conditions to Shaq’s vertical in a game situation in the playoffs after a hard 80 game schedule. The point was that Shane’s 36 inch vertical was measured under different conditions. After a year of playing basketball and late in the game even you must admit his vertical may not be that high. I have seen your other posts so I know how high your vertical is so I am not surprised that Shaq doesn’t impress you. Anyway, it’s all good, I’m done.

the man is an amazing athlete and even at his current age after an 80 game season he can still jump pretty good.  but the pic wasnt as impressive as i have seen in a game situation in the past.  my opinion on his vert has nothing to do with my vert, just compareing to shaq's past performances.  but maybe this is in the first few minutes of a game, maybe it is the highest he can jump right now, etc, WE dont know.  in the pic 20 inches, no big deal.  shaq's vert in known circumstances is less than many other 300lbs who are pretty tall also i might add (NFL). its hard to get excited over seeing a guy jump lower than he did a few years ago.  its like getting all pumped up over mo greene running 10.35.  we've seen him run 9.79.  also herb's pic didnt do shaq much justice either.  shaq, great athlete for his size, better athlete a few years ago.  i see your points

Since we’re already into silliness, how about this clip of Shaq and leg power:


LOL, now thats impressive !!

but i doubt he dunks as high as shaq with his leg power :slight_smile:

Pushing the inseason vs. other circumstances argument aside for a minute …

It is MUCH easier for a 300 lb man who is 5’9" to have a 35 inch vert than a 300 lb man who is 7’ tall.

is it?? not impressed none the less.

AND STILL ON TOP - SHAQ AND WADE during Game 6, NBA Final 2006

I think one has to consider wade as possibly the best player in the NBA now.