leg length diffrence/custom shoes

My right femur is 6mm shorter than my left and causing constant hip issues (SI joint, glute med). My PT (chek institute) says i should get custom shoes where the put 3mm in the bottome portion of the whole shoe, not just an insert. Local shoe shops say they cant do it. Anyone know of anyone in los angeles or online I can get this kind of work done or sneaker co. that will make you custom sneakers?

Atlanta may have someone…a lot of special needs athletes use someone down south…I might email a friend if I have the time. Google baby…google.

thanx finally found a local shoe guy, google is killer!

6mm isn’t a whole lot. wouldn’t a 3mm lift suffice? anyone else have thoughts on this?

Don´t worry about…i give you 5.
I have a question about this, a thought…
Could be beneficial for an athlete with left leg shorter than right run the curves ?

Not likely, though Michael Johnson had a leg length discrepancy.

well. For me it has always worked that way. I have an 8mm difference and on the curve I beat guys I’ve never beaten in the 100m. I always feel way so confident on the curve and I take over so easy. Come to the straight and I feel no fatigue but everyone comes through. I’m average hieght. 1.76cm.

Ohh, and the doctor told me that its no big deal!! Even though it has caused me loads of injuries. I always get injuered on the longer one! After shifting to special shoes I’m really not convinced!! I get a lot of pain I used to overcome before. The doctor told me that its a while for my body to adapt. I’m still not convinced!

My left leg is the longer, that´s why i´m not running so well on the curve.
I guess i could run without spikes for the left…
Maybe i´ll propose to organisers to make a 200m race starting on 400m line until 200m mark. It´s 200m too…

I agree with Charlie. A 6mm difference isn’t a whole lot, and I would believe a 3mm lift would suffice. I have used them on my patients with success. I would only use a shoe modification with 1/8 inch (approx 3 cm limb length difference).