Learning Massage?

Charlie… In CFTS: Training For Speed you say you learn by doing “put your mind in neutral and rub”. I imagine you had a lot of instruction from Waldemar and Mike. For those of us who can’t pick a massage therapist’s brain for hours upon hours a week what do you recommend as good method for learning (besides going to school)? Do you have any tips or references?


There are some good Massage Therapy videos around such as Benny Vaughn’s Clinical Sports Massage video series. They’re exxpensive, but cheaper than doing a course. When doing a massage course, the instructor often demonstrates the different techniques too quickly, and you often forget how to apply them. Of course with videos, you can play them back as often as you like. The techniques are presented and explained in a very straight forward manner and are very easy to apply.
There are some good Massage Therapy books around too which explain both the whys and hows of massage e.g. Mosby’s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage and Understanding Sports Massage.