Latest Waterburry Article

I must say that the latest article on t-nation is puke. He says the same thing every time and I hope they get rid of him.

You avatar might be the best on the board, behind Rupert’s.

I havent read his other articles but his last one I just read last night and thought it was good. It seemed liek a good program to follow if you are looking for a combo. size and strength. I actually called my friend today who is always experimenting with new programs (thanx to me) and I am going to have him try it starting next week.

cant beat rupert’s avatar.

The problem is that he has about 4 or more articles that say the exact same thing, manipulating set/reps for bodybuilders. It isn’t a bad plan, but I can see how some people get tired of it.

I actually just started read his stuff so im not that familar with it. However Ive read his “Hybrid Hypertrophy” article and the "Triple T "article. To make things easier for me can you post the links to the articles you are talking about in chrono. order so I can read them and get what your saying? thanx.

Amen Airbourne!

Waterbury’s articles suck, and they all say the SAME FUCKING THING: volume, volume, volume, spend your whole life in the weight room, lift eight days a week, etc. Then he justifies his ideas with generic claims about what great results he gets… he is the second most idiotic T-Nation contributed behind Don Alyssi, who frankly pulls info out of his ass.

Unfortunately most of the the T-lemmings blindly accept everything says, and always say “WOW!!! GREAT ARTICLE CHAD!!!” before they even try the information

I have used a few of his programmes for about 4-8 weeks and got great results in terms of muscle mass and got some increased strength also.

sorry, but t-mag is all about nothing more than selling supplements. people want to believe that it’s an intellectual wellspring for bodybuilders and athletes, but the simple fact is that the site exists for no other purpose than to attract customers to biotest. Their strategy is to develop a following and make people think they’re legit by publishing training information, and then extend that credibility to their supps. It’s sleazy as hell if you ask me

I guess I am a sleaz-ball!

Sorry, I don’t hold anything against any of T-nation’s contributers simply because they write article for the site, it’s the operation as a whole and the guys who run it who I think are sleazy… most of the people affiliated with T-Nation probably don’t even know that it’s sleazy because they have so much faith in the legitimacy of the site and the information provided… but, i’m sorry, it really isn’t that remarkable… just more people with more opinions… they aren’t any better than the thousands of other S&C coaches and training “theorists” in the world…



Just to name a few more…Charlie, Defranco, and Berardi have also written a few articles on there. Are they sleaze balls? I am not saying every article is great nor am I saying t-nation don’t have a big marketing thing going on but I def. think there is alot of good and interesting info. on it which is much better than the mainstream garbage you read in muscle and fitness and mens health.

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I’m not really going to comment on Waterbury. All I can say is I really don’t read any of their program articles, maybe Thibadeau’s just for some knowledge that may be contained in it.

T-mag isn’t sleazy. Yes a lot of their articles are nothing more than Surge advertisements, but there are a great deal of legitimate articles. Dan John is great, Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey write very sound articles that are based in fact and not stuff they pull out of their ass. Thibadeau provides a great deal of information why you should do something, not just telling you do this and you’ll get big. Berardi’s knows his stuff, but get’s repetitive (If you read a few of his best articles you’ve read them all, actualy doing it’s the hard part) and sometimes he skews the facts.

Money makes the world go round… deal with it.

I often am amazed at how many articles someone can write in such a short space of time … must have plenty of time off to write?

What’s wrong with an outlet for training info sponsord by a supplement co? It’s free to you and you can accept or reject the info provided. Some is bad- but much is good also.

My thoughts exactly

Charlie and defranco no
Berardi quite possibly. He has a habit of making things seem far more scientifically sound than they are.

I agree though.
Its up to the reader to decipher the crap from the good stuff…
It would be hard for the beginner though.
One thing good about t-mag is that they are pretty fair in the way they allow their writers to disagree. When Eric disagreed with Davies it was okay and they let the argument play out.
Some of the stuff they do is sleazy though. Ive heard a few stories about the way they treated some of their members and even writing staff… Also they use the exact same advertising methods that in the beginning the claimed not to and ridiculed ie 4000% better. Myostat is awesome etc etc etc

That’s why I don’t go there anymore. I couldn’t stand all those brown nosing posters anymore.

“Oh My gawd! that’s like soooooo awesome program!” bleeh…

It’s a good place for newbies and intermediate but for guys with tons of knowledge, it’s such a turn off.