kweli's training question

This is what i did for practice the other day…EVERYTHING WAS FULL OUT

6x10m blocks
4x30m blocks
2x70m standing start

time trial 100m…

how much do you think the work prior to the 100m time trial affected my time? in terms of seconds?

I ran 10.65 HT…

what time would i run if i were fresh???

Pending on your recovery rate.

Some can do that session w/ no problem.

I wish I’d the time to put in that type of work.


if you have a full recovery, and the 100m was run fast & relaxed, you’d have a PB.

We used to run all-out 150m 20 minutes before our 200m or 400m races.

Be aware that you round up the handtime first, then add 0.24 for the FAT time.

i.e. 10.61HT = 10.7HT = 10.94FAT (equiv)