Going in for knee surgery on Tuesday (torn ACL reconstruction). Has anyone ever come back from a torn ACL? If so, how did you train again?:frowning:

This is a very worthwhile. I have just discovered through MRI analysis by a orthopedic surgeon that my ACL is torn.

Leroy Burell also came back from an acl injury and set two world records. I do not know what he did for rehab, but I hope its a little inspirational.

β€œEvery step should be heel to toe from day one. The goal of the first six weeks is MOTION, MOTION, MOTION.”
Warren Froese MD.
Day 2 post-surgery, Doc says to start flexibility exercises today. After surgery, they gave me a two-page package with simple stretches and strengthening exercises to do at home, 3x daily. Rupert is it okay to post this program?