knee pain. beneeth patella, toward inside of leg

symptoms: cracking sound with no pain, slight pain when climbing stairs, minimal (could say none) when squatting, can feel slightly weak in teh joint after sprinting. Symptoms are reduced alot after warmup on high seat stationary bike.

SO far ive read the possible causes could be tight hip flexors, tight IT band, imbalance between vastus medialis and lateralis, poor patella tracking. How to check which one? in particular how do i knwo if my patella is tracking correctly?

thanks for any help

stats 174 cm tall, 87kg. Max full oly sq 180kg, parallel power lifter sq 215 kg. Deadlift 205kg

please ask if you need any more info


Sounds like a mild case of chondromalacia pattellae. Which would be weird since you’re very strong, but is also caused by poor quadriceps flexilibility. Have it checked out because if it is this, and you tear it more you’ll be in a lot of pain and a long rehab. The cracking is probably from accumulation of fluid … all symptoms sound exactly as when it happened to me. Started as a little tear one day doing stadiums, I ignored it and continued training through it as if it were any other niggle, and then it got BAD.

Chondromalacia pattellae can be a cause but may not, safest way to know for sure is to get it checked out. Have your family doctor refer you to a specialist, so that you can get proper assessment protocols. In the meantime I would rest or go easy with training, dont exacerbate the problem further.

Also, how did you get injured? Was it an acute injury or is it chronic?

Accute or chronic… i cant really say (i know thats no help sorry) I had abit from alot of basketball. but i think i made it worse on one leg bulgarian squats… maybe…yeah i best go check it out…:frowning:

thanks so far

It’s the overall shortness in the whole fascial system. hamstrings play a part in the structural part of the adductors that hold the quads in place and you are having the quads tendons pulling too tight. So when you bend the knee all the thigh muscles are shortening one area and trying to lengthen many of them in other areas. The fascia is too short in the system, like a 3-D bodysuit throught the legs and pelvis and abdomen. See Fixing Accumulated Shortness and Improving Athletic Performance and Sports Medicine free articles on my home page menu – see links page for finding schools to get a practitioner. And see the stretching video explanation third from top of menu. Also see stretching tips free article on Free Articles menu page.