Knee injury

A month ago I sprained my knee. I was sitting on the floor at got up and felt like a pop. It still hurts when I bend it too much and put too much weight on it. Before it happened I had slight pain in that knee but I still kept on working out. It feels fine when I walk and stuff. Can anybody help me out(what is it exactly and how to treat it)?

Does anybody have any advice? How to make it heal quicker? Can I do any lowerbody excersizes?

Get checked out from a health professional. Rest, icing is swollen and hydrotherapy can help, but as far as continuing your workout, I would wait until after seeing the therapist.

Stand up straight, then bend your knees barely, then stand back up straight. Do this many times and really focus on squeezing the muscles around the knee. You could also use the leg extension and curl machine. Again focus on squeezing at the knee.