King James

Where will “The King” land?

A: Cleveland

B: Miami

C: Knicks

D: Nets

E: Bulls

reports are that he is going to miami with wade and bosh

I think he’s going back home. :slight_smile:

Back to Cleveland, Byron scott is a good coach

maybe Miami but not enough balls there.

Yeh, I think Scott can get them over the hump and next year they add CP3.

He has big balls, South Beach.!!!

Yes he does, only one for the court though. If they can get a few half ass decent players they should be able to win a few.

I don’t think Kobe or MJ would have ever done this though. Maybe the past 5 years Kobe, maybe. Lebron doesn’t have the killer in him so far like Kobe and MJ.

Is Bosh gonna be happy with 18-20 a game and Wade 22-25 a game with Lebron getting 25-30?

I’ll be honest, they all strike me as more Tim Duncan/David Robinson than MJ or Shaq. Kobe is a lot less self absorbed as well these days.

They all have to know Miami is about to become Lebron’s team though.

They say wade 30pts, bosh 20 and 10 and king 20-8-10asst.

Won’t go down as the greatest. He’s back to being Magic.

Be a cold day in hell before Kobe or MJ didn’t lead the team in scoring.

I can see him winning 3-4 then going back home…?? :slight_smile:

Yeah that would be cool. Serious. I can see him doing that too.

If he could win 3-4 in south beach then 2-3 back home, would he be the man? I don’t think king james has to score 30pts a game and def don’t think bosh has to. If we think this can’t work because of the ball we are underestimating these guys basketball IQ.

He wins that I think he surpasses Kobe and MJ probably.


I take it back after hearing Cleveland owner talk shit about the King.