Kim Collins

I am sure Kim Collins is going to draw much attention now he is the champion in terms of what he does for training.

In an interview after the final, it was indicated that Kim Collins does not do weights. While he must do some assistance training for power development, this is going to fuel the debate about how critical weight training is.

I for one believe that weights are the most effective way of developing strength, although I have always said that there are many other ways to develop the necessary power for speed.

However, I am rapped that somone has come along to again prove that you do not have to look like a bodybuilder to be a champion. Whatever muscle Collins has, it is enough to have a power to weight ratio that allows him to break 10 seconds and be a world champion.

Quite simply, hes probably just got some of the best genetics for sprinting that man has ever seen.

Think about it, would you lift weights to increase your sprint times if they were already increasing? No. That would mean that you haven’t maxed out your genetic limitations. Why do people begin lifting to decrease their times? Because their times aren’t decreasing, they’ve hit their genetic limitation “wall.”

Collins just hasn’t hit his plateau yet. If and when he does, he’ll probably start lifting to help his times.

I would place him in the same group with Oba.

I dont believe him. Of course he does weights, but maybe not as much as chambers.

At a first look of course anyone will think “this guy has never touched a gym”, but there are some people who never strip on any muscle mass when they do weights, so he could be moving weight and it doesn’t look like it. He’s a smart guy, so no doubt he knows everyone is shocked when looking at him, and he’s using that to create all this “I’m a pure genetic freak” image. That’s just my theory. Maybe he doesn’t do anything. Maybe he’s really lazy in training. But it’s highly doubtful. He had a heck of a pickup in the start, he was faster then the stronger guys out of the blocks, I highly doubt that would be possible if he doesn’t do bounding/plyo/jumps, he wouldn’t have the strength even if he has the super fast fibers. Anyway, another sprinter, with another training philosophy … which we will never know exact details about … and which is getting surrounded by speculation and myth.

hes probably got the best genetics for sprinting

how do you know that?bob hayes was thought to have extremely high fast twitch fibres and what did the results say? on the 100m line up you had an array of different genetic builds,you had chambers who is huge,cambell who is tall and chunky then you had collins who is lean slim and very effecient.people always used to say a sprinter must look or have this certain build but thats wrong.ato messed up the guys who were saying you had to be over 6’ to break 10,carl lewis showed the guys that its possible to do the 1/2 and LJ and fredericks showed that you don’t have to be big to run fast.

in 88 BJ had the show and everyone steriotyped sprinters as looking like BJ.nowdays it has all changed.the main thing is that you yourse3lf know that you can run fast and if you’re blocky don’t worry and if you’re skinney don’t worry.sprinters come in all shapes and sizes

I once met a sprinter from St. Kitts named Adrian, he lived here in Winnipeg for awhile. He was dismayed that there were no good hills here. According to him, all the sprinters in his group did lots of hill work and sand running.

Does anybody have any information on Kim Collins training methods.
Who is he coached by?

They did a muscle biopsy on Bullet Bob??? This wasn’t a Ted Williams type thing was it?

Kim went to TCU and trains with Monte Stratton. When interviewed after his 100 win he stated that Monte was the one who deserved so much of the credit for getting him where he is today. Not sure what his training methods are however.

My God. Kim Collins doesn’t lift weights and has an easy layed back lifestyle and training regime and you see Dwain Chambers squatting 500lb+ bursting blood vessels in the gym :confused: … So if they were both a member at the same gym, you would see Chambers grimacing lifting heavy loads doing squats etc and you would see Kim Collins sat down in the canteen eating a salad, chillin, probably thinking what an idiot. And after Chambers brutal workout, Kim Collins stands up and tells him, I’m still faster than you, keep lifting, without even lifting a lb himself and walks out, lol…

All Kim Collins does is Genetics…

I know whose life I’d rather have…

They must be VERY light weights… The guy is stick thin. I know some people don’t respond well to doing weights but from where I’m sitting, It really does look like this guy doesn’t lift…

I don’t get this, if he doesn’t lift then he probably uses another alternative stimulus such as plyos or lots of SE. Why is this so hard to believe? I doubt he’s chillin’ watching Chambers do his workouts and laughing because he’s so genetically gifted.

It seems to me anytime anyone who is skinny excels in sprinting everyone always talks about how genetically gifted they must be, ie. Carl, Kim, etc. But all of the top guys are obviously genetically gifted weather they are skinny or muscle bound. Collins doesn’t hit the weight room that hard, so maybe this allows him to do more CNS draining speed work, or SE work. Just because he doesn’t hit the gym as hard as Chambers doesn’t mean that Collins is more naturally gifted.

I’m a Collins fan but I don’t know if I caould see him doining a sub 9.8 time. He’s so skinny he might just lift off!!!

I think Chambers and Monty haven’t recoverd from last year. They were doining a lot of fast running. Chambers as well cause he ran a lot of 10.0’s into headwinds which is alomost the same as running 9.9’s

Chambers is very big.
Maybe too big?

Look at Jonathan Edwards numbers which we have heard many times. He is skinny! Open your mind

Good shout jimbo-there is light at the end of the tunnel after all… :rolleyes:

I went to Fresno State and ran against TCU and Kim Collins, they lift at TCU because I have seen Bryan Howard and others on that team and they lift. If Kim Collins doesn’t lift it is because his coach has a different plan for him than others. But hey lets not all pattern our lives after Kim Collins because he was world champion, with all due respect to him, he did win with the slowest time in years.

Now before everyone jumps on me for saying that, I won a state championship in one of the slowest times in years in the 200(21.04) but my defense was, “there were 8 other guys in that race who would have loved to run 21.04 that day.” I believe anyone can win on any given day, but is Kim now the best sprinter in the world because he is the world champion? I don’t know you guys debate it, could Tim Montgomery, Dwain Chambers, or, hmmmm the 18 year old, can’t remember his name have won if they would have ran the race again 1 hour later, who knows. I believe lifting is important. When you are running, doing strength endurance, you are making your muscles stronger. That is what weight lifting does also.

Kim Collins is a great sprinter, but everytime a guy wins a major championship people want to change their lives to be like that person, when the emphasis should be on times, and the wins will come. When I plan my season, I plan on running a time, and if with that time a state championship, NCAA championship comes, then that is even better. I think we should set goals on times because really just because Kim beat Dwain this time doesn’t really mean he will beat him next time so I don’t think Kim will be staring him down in the gym laughing at his workouts, Kim will be figuring out how to lower his times also.

what happened to chambers running the anchor leg of the 4x100?