Jumping out of blocks.

I jump out of the blocks as opposed to running out of them. What would be a good plyometric of lifting exercise for improving this area of the start? I already have good vertical and horzontal leaps (I can dunk a basketball and my standing long jump is well over 3m).

Are you sure jumping out of the blocks is faster for you, if so … maybe snatch is something for you then? Although I would not recommend anything else but running out of the blocks.

I wouldn’t recommend an attempt to jump out of the blocks. Concentrate on the arms and let the legs take care of themselves.

When I say “jump” I mean I leave the blocks in a similiar way to Ben and Marion Jones to mention a few. I seem to get a more explosive start when I do this. Should I discontinue this?:frowning:

Jester, as Charlie mentioned if you focus on the arms coming up fast (and the wrist action described in the arm action thread) you will see the same positive results in the legs driving out.