jumping lower

ive always been wondering about this…ok today my hams and lower back are sore, willl that make me jump lower than usual or something cuz last monday after full squats leg press lunges the next day i felt sore but i could jump higher? i dunno what do u guys think

yes man stop with dumb questions thats commen sence u kno that answer of couse if ur sore ull jump lower

His questions may be “dumb”, but his spelling blows yours out of the water (and his isn’t great to begin with!).

you think so huh, do you think i care about spelling on these forums. No i really don’t ,I just try to say the question and look for the right answer. The reason i ask question is so i can further explore my knowlage in later years of my carrier.

Well I assume you’re either foreign or mentally retarded so either way I’ll just drop the issue.

Sometimes we know the answer but need a confirmation from others… ever heard “there are no dumb questions”??
I thought this forum was to inform & not to be an ignorant a**.
I have been training for probably longer than you have been breathing (or at least wiping your own a**) & I still rely on feedback from others on occassion.

From my personal experience, there have been times when I was a lil sore and have had equal or even better performances than my last workout. However overall soreness means your muscles are still recovering. Now the CNS for the most part takes longer to recover than your muscles, so your best bet is to wait for your muscles to recover before your next workout. Just think, if you’re able to repeat a similar performance with inadequate recovery then full recovery would yield even better results.