Jump lunges

what does that execrise improve

Your chiros wallet.

It will make you go places you normally dont.


On a serious note, I have incorporated plyos into my program now. Just some multiple dobble-legged hops (4jumpsx3rounds) and some multiple lunges(4jumpsx3rounds).
For one that doesn’t squat, only deadlift the lunges seem to hit the quadriceps (and gluteus-medius) quite good.
I will abandon those exercises for hurdle-hops in the max-strenght-phase though.

split leg plyo movements can be dangerous. I would be careful with them. The only “single leg” plyo movement I perform is a sprint bound. Even those you need to gradually work up the intensity. I really like depth jumps, squat jumps, tuck jumps, hurdle hops, standing long jump onto mat and double leg hops.


Archuletta does a lot of those, he even does em from a 6 feet drop/altitude jump, but he did build up base over many years etc

Cool, where do you get your info on archuleta? I try to keep up with you on various boards but often forget stuff… did you end up buying his video?

You also said somewhere you have been sick lately and taken 3 weeks off… hows that going?

I received the DVD as a gift. It shows him doing those Jump Lunges, from basic low ones on the floor to advanced, drop jump style ones.

I’m back in training as of last week :slight_smile:

I usually do lunge jumps (split jumps) in a circuit. I just do it for general fitness for the triple jump.


i did them throughout my g prep i like them

Get coconut oil, you’ll never get sick again (well maybe not, but I haven’t gotten sick since I started using it and others have reported similar results).

I’m curious whats the reasoning behind the oil? What does it do?

I wasn’t sick guys, just under a lot of stress, cortisol etc :slight_smile:

Plus I wasn’t sleeping much, so it was in my best interests to take a break from training, plus I wasn’t exactly in the mood for it as you can imagine. But it is was at a bad time too, right at the end of my training cycle, just before I was going to peak it! Ugh - things happen - oh well

I’ll send a PM when I get home and am on the site again.

I already hijacked the thread some I don’t want to do it that much. :slight_smile: