josh ross new/old coach

Josh Ross was working with Emil Rizk at Homebush tonight, Perhaps they put things back together. He looked to be in good shape.

Whats going on with him? I thought he was working with Nanny on a Short to Long prog.??

Things didn’t work out for some unforeseen reasons with Nanny. He has teamed up back with Emil. If he does run 10.2s again it wont mean Nanny approach was a failure.

Does anyone know if he is concentrating on the 2008 Olympics or is he focusing on next year’s athletics season?

Surely he has missed his chance for anything at the required for this season.

He is getting himself in shape for the 4x100m in Beijing. Assuming Australia get a top 16 world ranking in the mens 4x100.

If he run 10.10-10.20 before late June. When the team is finalised he would get a individual spot. My sources tell me he is back in 10.4 shape.

Does anyone know what type of training protocol Emil Rizk utilises such as L-S or S-L based approach?

Does anyone know what type of training principles, Emil Rizk utilises such as L-S or S-L based approach?

Breakdowns- L-S. If you really think about it. Most L-S work is S-L ( speed), L-S (SE).

can honestly say i put everyday of the period i had with JR just getting him back keen on the sport, he had no desire to compete anymore as evident by those who saw him compete.

the reasons for this were well known the breakdown of his relationship last years WC and more, i allowed and encouraged him to go to the states during this time to sort out the issues, it is well known that i withdrew him from the nats for a reasons i will keep between JR and I and after this we agreed it was time for him to move on, we remain friends but if i hadnt of scratched him from nationals and given him the wake up call i fear he would have been lost for good.

I basically told him, where can he earn a living like he is now, do you want to be in bar in 4 years time with a beer gut and a smoke saying i could have been in that race - meaning the 100m in london

I am pleased that he is back on track mentally as he needs to put together the sessions when he’s “on” everyday of the week not just when he feels like it

It didn’t help that his old coach would continually call him when u had him. Maybe that made Josh doubt what he was doing with you. Thats one line I won’t be crossing if I get into coaching.

Emil is a good coach , but some of his tactics are very questionable. Maybe that suits Josh because he needs to hear talk of 9.9s and Emil’s myths about his links with Carl, Leroy etc!. Some of the best coaches seem to be dodgey characters.

yeah your 100% right, I would never go down that road myself either.

was a game i just wasnt willing to play in the end

So true. In some cases being a good bullshitter wins over athletes more so than being a good coach.

I have no idea what any of this but if everything else was failing then familiarity is something to hold onto. Just being with someone who you did well with at one stage can be what you need as a foundation for high performance. Ultimately you can’t win if you don’t believe in yourself.

Poaching, bullshitting , opportunism are characteristics of many coaches. I guess if you re really good than you don’t need to use such tactics.

narp, think about how rare truly great talent is

as a coach you are defined by the quality of talent that passes you by

sometimes being a great coach just isn’t enough