Jon Drummond stats???

Anyone know his actual height and weight? and maybe his lifting stats?

I was looking at usatf but I dont think they are ever accurate…


eheh no way he was 160lbs at the top of his career:)

I’ve got him at 75kg in 2003, which is 165 lbs. Height is 1.75m.

Apart from his well-known stats, he also ran
50i 5.63
55i 6.14
300yi 29.75
400 45.55

Nothing on lifting PRs though!

I was under the impression - which could be largely wrong? - that he did mostly bodyweight exercises and medball and plyro - rarely touched weights.

Drummond has another record that is unlikely to be broken unless Bolt runs at Stawell…JD ran 12.08s for 120m off scratch on the grass track at Central Park in a semi final of the Stawell Gift. - Fastest ever run for the full distance.

Please could you provide more information on this 120m by Drummond : date, hand or e-timing, surface… thanks

It was the 1998 gift. The timing is electric and the race is run on a grass track on a slight uphill slope.

Robin1, im almost certain it was the year 2000 when Jareem Pearce won. PJ, when JD ran he wore a full white Nike bodysuit with a hood, very impressive running. Pretty sure Greg Saddler (USA) ran that year also…classic stuff

Drummond ran in 2000 in the body suit you describe (, but this article says it was 1998 that he set the record:

I don’t know if he ran more than once or if the article is wrong about the year.

Interesting that he was allowed run in a full length body suit as VAL rules did not allow Aussies to do this. (To do with handicapping considerations and potential limitatation of performance?)

Brilliant run tho.

On Saturday 11th April 1998, Jon Drummond ran 12.08 to win heat 9 of the Stawell Gift.

He was installed 5/2 second favourite after (eventual winner) Dale Seers won the 3rd heat in 11.97s.

Unfortunately Drummond was run out of the 3rd semi final by Anthony Martin in 12.38. The track was softer on Monday, but no doubt Jon didn’t run as well as he did in the heat.

Drummond returned to Stawell in 2000, again running off scratch, winning his heat in 12.45.

He finished 5th in the first semi final won by Queensland beach sprinter Kip McFarland, running 12.50 off 4.75m.

Both in 1998 and 2000 Drummond ran better in his heat than he did on the Monday in the semi final.

I had a brief chat with Drummond in the National Hotel on the Monday night after the Gift in 2000. He was loud, funny and not short of a word. He kept asking me “man how do you win this race”. I suggested if he was ever serious about it to come to Australia a few months before and he could do a more ‘traditional’ Stawell prep. He said now that he’d been to Stawell, he had a lot more respect for the race and those who dedicate their lives to winning it.
Great man JD.

It said that Shirvington ran 11.87 on the Stawell link.

"Wearing shoes sent to him back in 2003 by five-time Australian 100m champion Matt Shirvington, Stubbs blitzed the field from the gun and quickly gathered in the front markers. The pre-race favourite was never challenged, winning by nearly two metres in 11.87sec.

Please disregard that comment. I misread the article. They were not referring to Shirvington. But what do all of you think about that 11.87?

Stubbs ran off a mark of 7.25m. He’s a 10.66 sprinter.

Not so hard when you aren’t running 120m.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess I didn’t really understand how the race worked.