Any one have any thoughts on a supplement for joint health and tendinits? My sport required much time on the knees. I’ve heard mixed feelings about Glucosamine. Any thoughtS?

glucosamine does work but it takes time as it is not a drug. You should also take it steady for a few weeks to get the full benifits. I have noticed when I run out of glucosamine my knee pain sometimes returns (depending on loading of the training cycle).

I would say to try it though it works for me and I had chronic patellar tendon inflamation of both knees for years. I am an Olympic Weightlifter and my training has become more frequent and heavier than ever and my knees feel beter than they have in years. but I have been taking glucosamine in relatively large doses (2-10 grams a day) almost year round.

Glucosamine, chrondriotin and MSM as well as fish oils seem to be the most commonly recommended supplements for joint health.

I personally take them all as ‘preventive maintenance’.

XLR8 makes a huge point because it is wise to have the building blocks in your system to serve as spackle for the small problems you may encounter.

Also, a good supplement is a great program to prevent overload in the joints, keep away from BS programs requiring mega contacts.