John F. Barnes

Is anyone familiar with this guy’s myofascial release methods? He has some videos on myofascial self treatment and dynamic myofascial stretching that look interesting.

When I went to his seminar in San Antonio I enjoyed some of his solutions but now he is getting weird…small % of his stuff is fantastic, some obvious, some alien. His two sons are still in Colorodo, and San Fran…I think Dan is into his works…I read some of his manuals and found them to be very limited and a poor representation of his work.

Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping to hear from you on this one. I might check out a couple of his videos. The descriptions of his manuals sounded a little flakey to me, so you confirmed some of my suspicions.

I also have attended a seminar of the John Barnes method of MFR (not instructed by J.Barnes, but another PT) back in the late-90’s in Portland, OR. The information was very useful, and I probably incorporate about 30% of what was presented into my regular routine of helping my athletes.

I encourage people to try and attend at least one of these types of seminars, but as Clemson says, it is getting a bit weird with the way people treat him like some sort of guru/cult leader, and he laps it up. I’m all for spirituality on some level, but it gets a bit heavy in spots.

Therapists peak right before lecture tours…then they start thinking they are mystics…stay with those in the trenches and read the gurus and take what is good and toss what is “spirtual”.

Remember MFR is very demanding if done right…and if your therapist is not sweating then they are spreading oil and charging you for nothing…that’s why chakras and crystals are so effective…why work hard when you can waive magic stones?

If they don’t sweat as much as you forget about it …