John Davies

Has anyone bought a program from him? He does some for sprinting. What do you guys think of it? Is he a reliable source?

I haven’t seen a specific program from him, but I have one of his books and have read his articles on t-mag. If his sprint program follows pattern, it will include too much volume and too many weird exercises.

Caveat emptor.

The thing is I really need a solid program to work with. This will be my first year that I can 100% concentrate on my athletics because my education will soon come to an end. Have you got any suggestions as to what I should do. From my own research I have found that I should be doing olympic lifting, plyos, medicine ball work as well as technique work and speed work.

You seem to have some grasp as to what you have to do, so i guess the next part for you is to start putting it into a programme that you can work with. There are threads on this in the archives, if you can’t find anything just ask and i’m sure colletively we’ll be able to help…

i think he does have some good ideas as far as GPP goes, but way too much volume. also too much emphasis on endurance work instead of making speed the #1 goal. another thing i don’t like is the guy is coming up with a new movement or drill every other week, so does the program get altered everytime that happens?

Hassan - put your program together and then post it for discussion and you’ll get plenty of advice. But first, check the old threads…plenty of good info.

Why not buy the ‘Charlie Francis Training System’ book (or the new E-book) and make your training program from that?

Arguments about his credibility aside, John Davies seems to work with a pretty large spectrum of athletes, whereas Charlie specialises in sprinters and has produced WR athletes. Dunno, seems to me this Charlie guy knows his stuff!

Besides, Charlie’s books are a lot cheaper than Davie’s programs!

davies sport programs don’t change with every new drill. Each drill is implemented for whichever sport it would benefit. The volumes are perhaps a little more From what I’ve seen they, davies, tend to be 5x/week with 3 tempo sessions and 2 speed sessions. Tempo’s volume ranges up to 2200m , usually~1600, (hardly excessive) and speed is held at much lower volumes. Remember who his target audience he writes for at t-mag, general fitness.

Didn’t Davies claim some bullshit about training Ben and Diego M?