Jerry Rice's workout

Have you guys seen this? Its crazy
For conditioning he does a 5 mile up hill run, stops at the steepest part
and does 10 40s
Then he does 6 100’s, 6 80’s, 6 60’s, 6 40’s, 6 20’s, 10 10’s, no breaks between reps and 2 30 between sets.
Then in the weight room he alternated upper and lower, picking 21 diff exercises and doing 3 sets of 10 reps for each.
Dont know how much of a speed program this is, but its sick, he would be one in shape mofo.

hope thats a race-horse you are talking about

Another testament to how older athletes/lifters are the biggest masochists I ever met.

I saw an article on Barry Bonds workouts and saw similar running volumes. The fact is that just because the program says “sprint” doesn’t mean the athlete is actually sprinting, as everyone knows on this board that top sprinters speed can only be maintained for a small volume of runs. Rice is probably going at 85% or 90%, and when he runs routes in a game he probably rarely goes beyond that speed. So it works for him.

I think he is running as hard as he can, the idea being endurance not speed, and you can run as hard as you can without being at top speed, therefore “sprinting”.