Jay Shroeder Audio Interview

All I can say is that in this 6 part interview Jay has made some veryyyyyy large claims. Download it below and put it on your ipod and report back wth your thoughts in a few hours/days.
I will be patiently awaiting your responses.


Posted some months ago.
Apart form the claims of his leaping ability, speed, and performance of some clients, stresses th eimportance of iso extreme, in correct position before progressing to other training means.

Here is the thread:

Back on the Jay bandwagon…
His claims are huge, as always, Why market something and say “yeah, our results are pretty sublime”

This is the first video in which I see 5 real minutes of iso extreme lunge.

Is this the correct way to do it ?

They are very tired, it seems more resistant to the load.

Are they pulling into position ??? It seems to me like EQIs, but I might be mistaken.


Ignorance alert!

OK, I’ll bite:

Why in the world is the 5 minute lunge in an athlete’s program? I just want to know where it fits in.

Supposedly, that IS the main movement in their program. Then you can progress to 1 leg squat and get to a 5 minute iso there. Yep :slight_smile:

Yes. The stuff is so difficult that if it makes you worse, it’s your fault because you didn’t work hard enough.

Well, if people actually told the truth when marketing their “Training System”, it would be hard to sell it. Or at least it would take a good deal of effort and time to educate your audience so that they could understand what is required for good training.

What people should be saying:

  • It takes a good deal of time to realize significant improvements that can be retained
  • Your improvements will be gradual, but consistent
  • Individualization may be required to elicit the most appropriate training response
  • Keeping things simple is typically the best course of action when selecting exercises

What they end up saying:

  • Your vertical will increase by 12 inches in 10 days
  • Your bench press will double in no less than 5 workouts
  • You will lose fat and gain lean muscle mass after the first workout
  • Nobody else can provide you with this super-secret, proprietary training method - only me!
  • I learned my trade from super Eastern Block training guru Alexi Chopurcockov, who died mysteriously after our final mentorship session.
  • Chicks will dig you more after following my program
  • And, oh yes, I charge $500 per hour to my clients because I’m so good!

So when will “Extenze” come out with their workout program?? (Your push-ups will double… and you won’t need your arms!!)

I hear they are using Soviet guru Yesi Gotabokoch :smiley:

i have one movie for you to watch,
“You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”

Soon as I finish with your mother, I’ll watch it!
(Please! Just kidding!)

Ive heard Alexey’s death it’s fabricated. He still forges coaches for Navy Seals, MMA fighters and astronauts somewhere in a cave in Ural mountains.

5 days from now, a new student of him will emerge on internet.

A great coach once said:

“The coaches are a special breed, everyone believes to be in possession of the sacred word technical… others? …others are lucky at most”

The following is an actual advertisement…

"Girls Soccer teams get Results!
During a recent on-location Championship Soccer Speed Camp, teenage girls experienced significant improvement in only two training sessions.

20 yd sprint: avg. improvement “.3 seconds”
40 yd sprint: avg. improvement “.5 seconds”
Standing long Jump: avg. improvement “10 inches” (5’5" to 6’3)
Flexibility: straight leg, sit-and-reach measurement:
avg. improvement “4 inches”
Most athletes improve their 40 yd sprint time by learning perfect speed technique by .2 to .5 seconds in only two sessions.

With one beginner, who didn’t know how to start, in 50 minutes I shaved almost 4 tenth of a second over 30m…how did I do this?Med ball on HJ pit, wall runs, push up sprints…magical…
So, I belive that in 10 sessions he could run under 1" for 30m…great:):slight_smile:

Right, so what would behoove the self-proclaimed experts is to reveal the following to their uninformed public:

  • We are good enough to transform a block of clay into some kind of recognizable shape; but don’t count on us to do much more than that because we could only learn so much in our 2 day certification course.
  • What’s more, the only thing our graduate professors were capable of discussing was how to train someone with diabetes, who had suffered a heart attack, or is looking to stay beneath their anaerobic threshold while walking to their mailbox.
  • so since we weren’t able to learn from someone who has actually assisted a high level athlete in getting even faster, we are going to bedazzle you by attaching strange contraptions to your kids as they sprint
  • forget about the fact that your kids can’t hold the proper sprint position on their own or perform 10 proper push ups because we’ll just add another 10kg to their weight vest, have them stumble around on our super duper agility ladders, and run them until they vomit
  • just don’t send us anyone who is already fast because we don’t know what to do with that type of talent.
  • if you do send us someone who is already fast we’ll make sure to have them run 5miles up hill wearing a 20kg weight vest and then immediately test their sprint. This will give us some leeway because we won’t retest their sprint until their last day with us and by that time they’re bound to be about as fast as when they first got here. But if they’re slower we’ll just tell them that they had a bad day.

What gets me is that although many of us (myself included) know the flaws in their programs, and could create a better (although much longer program - atleast the lenght of a typical 7 weak cycle to 12 weak ‘phase’, I still don’t have the nerve to write a book, or even a chapter, on sprinting. But these people who hold ‘speed camps’ do. Do you have to be a blatant liyer to be a successful capitalist these days?

It’s like in the supermarket the other day, the butter boasted of being enriched with omega 3 fatty acids for good health. (upon further inspection I descover in the tiniest print, that there were far far far far more omga 6 than omega 3’s in this brand. And that amount of omega 6 would completely destroy and nullify, even adversely reverse the effects of the minute amount of omega 3 in the product. But then the supermarket is a multi million pound franchise and I’m not. I’m thinking of selling myself to Satan for a couple of months to create a big load of bullshit, and then I’ll call it ‘Art’ and display in the top art galleries, and get famous, and then financially secure. Somebody tell me there’s another way before I sell my soul to the land of bullshit. I might be over-reacting here, lol, but Geez, allmost ( a few exceptions) everywhere you look in the world of commercialism… people are selling goods below what is promised and intended.

Somebody send me a shiatsu machine back massager, and I’ll calm down.

I’ll call you on these downloads and do one better: check this interview between Schroeder and one of his disciples at:

His analogy between elite human performance and orgasm should wet your whistles enough to listen to the entire interview! :stuck_out_tongue: