Jason Gardner - Flickering eye lids.

Watching the BBC coverage of European indoors, they did an interview with Jason Gardner…

I noticed his eye-lids were blinking all the time, non-stop.
As many know, flickering eye-lids is a sighn of central nervous system fatigue.
Still, he went on to win the 60m in 6.51 seconds, his best time this year. I wonder if the interview was done the day before the race or from a weak or so earlier, if it was within 1-2 days before the race…
Then I was suprised of his ability to pull one out the bag in the final for a very fast start and a victory.
Don’t even know if I should post a question now, becuase i’m certainly not going to start overloading my c.n.s.
It’s just that he was blinking 10 to a dozen, and looked lethargic in the interview too. (very slight lack of focus etc…).

Either that or he drank a gallon of coffee.

A lack of focus on questions might be because he’s focused on the race.

And one thing everyone didn’t count on is that his wife was giving birth on Friday. Perhaps his poor performances up until recently have been due to the additional mental stress of such an occasion? His performance seemed out of this world yesterday so I think there are other reasons to explain why he performed so poorly up until the big day.

How would that be stressful?
His stressful work was done 9 months ago … :slight_smile:

(Ok … just joking … & being mean!)

some run out of the old lad! He looked really tight though and wasnt so relaxed.
Pickering is some prospect, he looks incredibly strong almost like a rugby player.
Fair play also to paul Hession. He did very well as a 200m runner to make it!

I have to say the english girl in the 400m was awesome. Ive never seen anything like it. If they only put her on the last leg in the relay it would have been some race. .03 away from breaking 50s!! If i had a motorbike id not beat her!! She seemed very nice too.

Spoken like an Irishman! (Irish foreplay: "Brace yourself Molly!)


Rumour has it when Yoko Ono arrived home from the hospital with their son, she handed the new born baby to John Lennon and said ‘There you go … my job’s done, you’re doing all the work now’

If my experiences are anything to go by his real stress is just about to begin.