Jason Gardener info

Anyone have any info on how Jason Gardner trains?

A lot of accel work for sure! Would be interesting to hear exactly how one gets into 6.40 shape.

Another athlete of M. Arnolds training group said, she was suprised by the amount of work they did in GPP. Far more curcuit and core work she ever did before. Would be interesting to get more details…

Long to short. Alternates weights and track.


What do you mean alternates weight and track?

Is this in reference to progression within the micro?


Day 1 Track
Day 2 Weights
etc etc.

Please correct me DW, if inaccurate.


Here are some quick points from David Lease’s presentation about Jason’s training.(His ex-coach). It was held in October 2002.

-Heavy emphasis on 60m and 100m. Mostly alactic work

-4-5 training session per week

  • Three 4 week cycles leading to comp. period. 3:1 loading/unloading

  • Typical microcycle: Day 1 rest, Day 2 technique, speed, Day 3 Strength, Day 4 muscular endurance(abs, gymnastic movements etc.) Day 5 rest, Day 6 Speed endurance (sample session 3x3x150-200m/5min progressively faster, Day 7 strength(not as heavy as day 3)

  • Power clean is(or was?) the main strength exercise for Jason, also some step-ups and jerks. To give an example of Jasons strength levels Lease said he can do 6x115kg in power clean. Power rather than limit strength seems to be the main emphasis in the gym.

  • Lease emphasised low to medium intensity horizontal plyos done on grass when possible.

I think 115x6 is a little exaggeration. I’ve seen him do 120x2 and that was near limit.

Is the example from his gpp-phase or is it an overall example of the season?
I´m thinking of only one speed-day…if so, do you know what his other phases lookes like?

Sort of overall microcycle example… There is something that could be classified as extensive tempo on day 6 during early preparation. Actually, those 3x4week cycles lead to 4week pre-comp phase which is mostly done at warm weather training camp. In that particular phase there is obiously less volume due to further intensification. I think that day 6 is pure special endurance in that phase. So it seems that there really is only one pure speed day… Unfortunately I don’t have more specific info about sprint training its periodization bacause that presentation was held at strength training seminar…

at a strength training presentation?so…more info on that…for example.no squats?full 1/2, 1/4…upper body, medicine balls?

He spoke at very general level going over GAS, energy systems etc. and didn’t give any sample sessions. Jason didn’t really do squats and Lease didn’t spoke much about upper body. I got the impression that much of it was taken care by gymnastics training. Clear power emphasis in the gym, high intensity limit strength exercises weren’t used. Neither were med ball throws as far as I know. Low to medium intensity horizontal plyos like power skips, straight leg bounds and running bounds were used.

David, what are your opinions on Jason´s weekly setup? About high-intensity training two days a row and recovery etc?

I read in the thread “powerlifting for sprinttraining”, that you suggested a similar thing:
day 1.track

This would suit me, because mostly I can´t get to a gym right after track or the same day. But this means that I wouldn´t be able to get the 48h-recovery.

Really would like to hear what you think.
Best regards mohikan.

That´s why Jason look like thin
what is his height and weight ?

I believe he’s about 5’10 and in the 150-160 lb range. (like me, hence why I started the thread)

in the last indoor championships he looked bigger in hi s upper bodyprobably around 80 kilos…

80kg !!!
Naahhh !!!
His legs can´t run carrying 80 quilos,
75 maybe, but 80 is almost a Jon Drummond weigh ?
Jason´s size is like Monty´s size.

Take a look:

This from feb 2004 ( WIC )

1 year before feb,2003



Just a Funny Picture…

Talking about size,
take a look at this pics…
Man, this guy is like a Sprinter Hulk :stuck_out_tongue:


An outline of Malcom Arnolds training philosophy as he presented it himself last autumn.
Taken from the site of the Swedish Athletics Federation. Hope they can forgive me…
The first file is about 7mb.



Well Thor,
i can´t open the 1st file…
The second file have a good list of various exercises, good source for begginers.
Now i´m curious, what have in 1st file ?