japan training system?

could someone told where can I find some info about japan plan? I see that some of their guys have good results (Asahara, Suetsugu). thx

Sorry, not a clue as to where to find this info.

I think Tom Tellez coaches some of them but not sure which ones.

I know that susumu takano coached all faster sprinters (guys with 10"00-10"02 PB) but when asahara went to USA was pfaff his coach.
pfaff introduced him to weight training (takano don’t use it at all) but asahara doesn’t run anymore in 10"00! I find a site of this japanese coach, but of course it’s in japanese language… :eek:

This was one of the first topics that I commented on this messageboard. Sorry that I don’t have anyting for you, but I would be curious as well.