Its "tempo in the GPP question" time again.

If you have been doing 320100meters a week during the whole season ,with 315100meters during the competition-phase ,would you say it suffices to train up to 320100 again during the early GPP and keep it there through the whole phase?(and later during the SPP phase.)
I see all sorts of reps and distances are used in the GPP - maybe to get a break from regular tempo?

3x20x100 a week? well how is this broken down by session? i dont get what exactly you are asking.

It’s the old tempo-routine. Twenty low-intensity hundred-meter runs three days a week.

How much rest and does the rest change?

The rest is always a fast walk back to the start. Then after every fifth run I walk back ,turn and walk another 100meters so that the next five runs are done the opposite way. 45100meters each session.

if you wanted to keep 100 meter reps for tempo i would suggest you vary you rest along with the volumme. The best thing to do would be to keep the intenisty always the same although as you get faster they will also get faster. If i was to do 100 meter reps this is how i would do it.

Week 1
10x100 (1 minute cycle) ex. 15 seconds for the 100 rest 45

Week 2
2x6x100 (1 minute cycle) rest 2 mins between sets

Weeks 3
12x100 (1 minute cycle) rest 2 mins between sets

Week 4
2x6x100 (30 sec. rest) rest 2 mins between sets

Week 1
2x8x100 (30 sec. rest) rest 2 mins between sets

etc.etc etc. depending on how high of volume you want to go up to. and then during competition you can go back down to say 10x100 with 30 secs rest or 12x100.

But i would def. play with number of reps and rest. It wil get easier and easier that is why i would suggest that you may want to move it out to maybee even 150 meters.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your suggestions QUIKAZHELL - the variation of intensities and repetitions is something I need to learn.

I am not doing much if any tempo this GPP. With the longer hill work/circuits 3 times a week I dont find it is as necessary.

I was doing a lot of tempo previously but feel much better the way I have it setup now. Plus my interval times are dropping like a rock. 200 x 8 with reps completed in under 25 seconds with walkback recovery UPhill.

I found with tempo in my previous GPP I was burnt out. I seem to need the complete rest from running in my off days. (Just hit corework, cycling, etc)

Thor, here are some of the type of workouts I’ve been doing during GPP. I’m going to continue them through the rest of my season because I don’t see any reason not too and think it may actually be beneficial. 20*100 all the time is so boring!

28100 with 30s in between and walkback between reps or sometimes calisthenics in between reps and between no and less than 30s rest depending on the intensity and amount (although I’m not going to say this for all the shcemes, it applies but with the different rest periods metioned after each).
24200 with 40s in between and walkback between sets.
6-8 or 23-4300 with 45s in between and walkback if there are sets
5-6400 with 45s in between
500, 2400, 2300 w/ If I remember correctly 50s in between 5s, 40 in between 4s, and 35 in between 3s.
600,500,400,300,200,100. 50s after the first three and then a little less as I went down.
5*600 (only once) because I didn’t feel like doing much of a warmup so did some extra metreage instead. Probably 50s to a minute in between.