Isorbic Exerciser (high octane article) implementing the line

I am going to purchase the tapes first as advised but in the article Charlie says that he connects a line to the Isorbic Exerciser. I just would like further feedback on this and how I am suppose to apply it to the athletes on the track.

Thank you.

it’s just a device that you can use for resitance training where you can dial the resistance up or down. It’s very nice and not cumbersome.

Try just using a Sled with weight on it!

A few differences between a sled and an isorobic exerciser (IEx).
The sled has the most resistance at the start and less as speed increases, while the IEx has more constant resistance, The sled is dependant on the friction coefficient of the surface while the IEx is not.
The sled is heavy and very difficult to travel with while the IEx is not.
The sled would have the edge on turnaround speed when you have a large group to work with (if you go in both directions) and you must take care with the IEx not to run past the point where the cable will hit the end before you can stop and you must ensure that the feed line is clear of any possible obstruction.

So i wonder which one would be better for the starting phase? the first 10m from a block position takes around 2sec. then thereafter each 10m = roughly 1sec, so if a sled has more resistance at the start and decreases during top speed, this would make good use of the extra power one needs from a starting perpective due to the extra strengh one needs to pull start the sled during the first 10m then as speed increases one needs less resistance to maintaine sprint posture and that is what the sled tends to do, so best of both worlds then?

The sled would run into the back of the blocks.

ADD This to the “Best of Charlie” lines please whoever is compiling The Book! What a classic retort… :o

I have actually used a sled whilst doing starts. We place the sled at a rough 45 degree angle. I have never had the sled hit the block. The sled is placed on your rear block side.
Placing the sled on your lead block side causes slight drift to that side. :wink:

I thought a three point start would be the obvious!

I bought an isorobic exerciser. Came through the post a few days ago I have completed my first sessions. Prior to that I was using a sled or tyre. There is no comparison. The IEx is king. The elastic response from your foot and calf muscles are noticeable. You do not get that with the sled or tyre, you can dial up a specific resistance suited to your speed/power capabilities. You are ABLE TO AND ARE AWARE OF EXECUTING TRIPLE EXTENSION!!! You don’t get this with the tyre, of course you maybe doing so but you are not aware because there is no BOUNCE no elastic response. I can feel my legs and calves working properly. Above all, the resistance is smooth.

Bottom line: Do not try to re-invent the wheel, do not disregard this piece of equipment as just some contraption that can be equalled by a tyre or sled. Take the advice of CF, acquire one. I am certain that this is the link between max strength and specific strength for the start acceleration.

Enough said

Can this device be used to take place of hill work during GPP? Or is it better to use this during SPP?


More likely to use it in the SPP, because you’re likely to want to take advantage of the grass on hills for as long as possible in the GPP. Once you’ve moved to the track, the Isorobic Exerciser can be used, though it can be used whenever you need to go inside, due to weather.

Thanks for the info!

I just scored one for $33 on ebay!!! Pretty cool gadget.


Great idea! Are there any more?!!

buy yourself about 40m to 50m of nylon rope of the same thickness, thread it through and off you go. My 30m time is improving gradually.

I was trying to figure out how to thread it through. How the hell do you get it though?


There are 2 ways. The easiest way is to undo one end of the exsisting rope from one bar. Tape your new longer nylon rope end to the end of the rope already threaded through the isorobic. Make sure that the taping is not too thick, I suggest that you use insulation tape. Grab the end that still has the bar on the old rope and pull until the new rope threads through.

For a better explanation, I will post the quick instruction when I can.

[QUOTE=Charlie Francis]Great idea! Are there any more?!!


I just checked ebay I did not see any. I emailed the fitness trainer that sold it to me and asked her if she comes across anymore to email me. I would check ebay every now and then on ebay for stuff. You might just score something worth while.


You dont need to explain it any further! I get the picture. I was going to use a small paper clip and hook it on to the two ends of the rope. But the tape is a better idea.