Isometric transfer to dynamic movement?

I remember reading, i believe it was Dr. Yessis, and he stated that isometric strength work does not transfer to dynamic work. Can anyone explain this or make it clearer or is he wrong???

He is correct. Isometric work, in and of itself, will not transfer well to dynamic work.

To have any chance of positive transfer, you need to do dynamic work with the isometric work (so follow isometric bench press work with a few sets of full range work) in an attempt to ‘teach’ the body to utilize the new isometric strength dynamically.

There are likely to be much better ways of fixing weak points (assuming this is your goal) than iso work.


so it only helps with recruitment of more motor units prior to a dynamic movement?..and so does this mean than isometrics trained alone say in one weight session will have no transfer. Basically if i understand you, in order for the isometrics to transfer it HAS to preceed something dynamic.

Soviet research, dating back to the sixties of the 20th century, points out that isometric training coming before dynamic work may increase its effectiveness by up to 20%. This is called the “immediate after effect” of isometric training. When the reverse sequence of training was tested (dynamic work preceding isometric work), results actually deteriorated. According to Mel Siff’s “Supertraining”, the after effect occurs immediately after the preliminary isometric tension. Strength continues to increase and peaks between the 10th to 20th minute. To maximize the strength boost, I recommend performing isometric holds 15-17 minutes before the hardest sets of dynamic work.

For this variant to be effective, the isometric tension should be held for two to three seconds and then replaced by dynamic work of an explosive nature using a relatively low weight.

Could anyone please just confirm for me the below statement:

For a given load, an isometric contraction recruits more motor units then either an eccentric or concentric movement.

Can someone please confirm if this quote is true???..

Isn’t that the innosport/evosport, Jay Schroeder, etc. argument?

Look up post activation potentiation