Is this normal

Every tuesday and thursday at track practice this is what the sprinters do
1 mile warm-up
stretching 20min
A skips
high kness
butt kickers
V runs
20, 200m (going all out)
5, 300m shuttles (going all out)

longwood is this normal for what?? a sprinter… mile jogging is fine but depends on temp putside and so on.when you feel warm and loose thats when you are warmed may take 600m or 1500m but the end result must be looseness and slight breakout of sweat=high temp of the body.

now 20x200m is great for a middle distance guy but for a sprinter i think its nonsense if sprinting is your event.if it is your event then stop run 20x200m @ 100% is impossible,plain and simple!! follow that with shuttle runs(which i dont know about) is a recipe for disaster!!! keep those workouts up and youll be flat on your back on a therapists’ bench.

Many coaches still don’t understant that 100 m sprinting is not a team sport which requres seriously high levals of endurance, aerobic threshold, recovery speed etc. Niether is it wrestling, cycling or middle distance running.

Movements, efficiancy and power first.
Cardio second. I don’t just mean in order of placement in a training session either. In order of importance.

normal track practice. this what our track coach makes us, the sprinters, do every tuesady and thursday and i wanted to know if this was too much because it seem wrong to me

I am in the same boat :frowning: My Coaches called a speed workout ex. 2x600 2x400 1x1200 and 5x100 with a walk back recovery . :eek: Thank goodness
i have this site to help me and a track i go to over the weekends thats only 6 mins away :slight_smile:

20? I don’t believe the insanity… :confused:

and there’s not a lot a rest between
the track team is split into two groups
first group 1 goes and a soon as they finish groups 2 goes and as soon as group 2 finishes group 1 goes again until 20, 200m are completed

just walk up to your coach, put CFTS in his hands and smack him upside the head and say “read bitch!!!”

I think they’re trying to kill you. Are you sleeping with the coaches wife?

good question justy.
So… are you??? :stuck_out_tongue:

well… yes, yes i am

Whenever I hear a coach talk about programs like that at clinics or seminars we have, I just say, “Smack Yourself.”

Haha, I hope he never makes his way onto this forum.

With that sort of training program it’s pretty safe to say your secret… public secret… is safe

longwood,you got to train fast to be your training you are not doing so at all.100m sprinting is an explosive event with acceleration and top-speed issues which your taining isn’t even are simply not training the correct fibres with that sort of training! there is great plans/routines here on this site which i strongly recommend you take note of to make you a better more successful sprinter

I think you got me wrong X-man i dont want to train like this. This is what the track coach has us doing. I know this all wrong

Man, i used to run 800’s, and i did 20 200’s to train for that, but not flat out, more like 30sec pace = around 70% of max. Maybe you should try out for a 800m race and see if you kick ass?