Is this a good lifting program?

Monday - Lower Body

Front Squat
Weighted Prone Bridge
Weighted Crunch

Tuesday - Upper Body

Weighted Push-up
T-Bar OR Barbell Row
Shoulder Press
Ab Circuit

Thursday - Lower Body

Box Squat
Front Squat
Straight-legged DL or DB Lunge or DB Step-up
Weighted Prone

Friday - Upper Body

Dumbbell Benchpress (mix it up between incline and flat)
DB Shrug
Hammer Curl
Weighted Bench Dip

So this is a good lifting routine? mainly for size and strength. i know it may seem alot but i seem to be well recovered before the next day.

the rep ranges vary but usually between 3-10.

i use a home gym by the way

It all depends on the volume, intensity and density and how those variables will change over time.
The exercises selection is fine for what you are trying to do but that is only one piece of the puzzle.

are u doing any speed work, if so how much

Hi Richo, I wouldn’t have 2 squat exercises in the same session as deadlifts. If you do the deadlifts correctly and enough of them you should hit you glutes enough, same with the box squats. As the guys have replied, a lot depends upon what else your doing.

That’s my question as well. I’m not fond of weighted crunches but we need to know what else of a high intensity nature you’re doing.

ok, alot of yas want to know stuff

ok, i do 2x a week speed work, on my leg days, before weights.

on the upper days, i do tempo style training

if you guys want to know reps and sets and that, just visit my journal and have a look. pretty much my training journal will answer the intensity questions and that

PhilG, what do you suggest? exercises? reps? sets? about the squating and deadlifting

Ditch either the weighted pushups, or bench press, and add in some sort of pulling movement on upper 1.

Also, on the second lower body day, it says “Straight-legged DL or DB Lunge or DB Step-up”. These exercises are completely different. Stick to something hip dominant (SLDL) and you can replace one of the squats through out the week with a unilateral lift.

very helpful, thankyou.

what pulling exercises do you suggest with a home gym? thanks

but even though this isnt, im going to rep you, thanks


reps :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


repped :smiley:

no need of single leg work.

Omg you idiot dont say that we might get banned for rep trading :smiley:

Why does charlie only have 10reps? anyone?

What’s your reasoning behind this?

I’m not trying to argue, but I’ve just always been told to include it.

i just feel till your base strength levels are up there is no need to get specificity with ur exercise selection for most people. there would be special cases where i would use single leg moves.

There are a lot of good reasons for using single leg work.

u may have a point if the athlete u r working with squat 600lbs or has a injury which hinders his ability to do heavy bsq and fsq.