Is my training correct?

I would be very happy to hear what you think of the way I train…is it wrong or the right way?

Mon:3x3x10-30m rest 3-5min betw.sets 8-10 min

Tue:Weights:bench,squats,straight deadlift,powerclean,shoulderpress (Heavy 3x3 reps)+situps and backextansion.

Wed:2-3x3-4x120-200m rest 3-5/12 min

Thu: 3x3x40-80m rest 3-6/10 min

Fri: Weights: same as tuesday but faster lifts 5x5

Sat: 4-5x300-500m rest 10 min

Sun: rest

What do you think?

Have you had the opportunity of reading CFTS?
I hope others with more knowledge will pick up on your plight, but at a glance I can see that some of your speed sessions should not be done day after day. You need to rest at least 48 hrs. after speed sessions.
I think it would be worth your while to get a copy.

Hello Likedwind, no I haven`t read the CFTS. Where can I read it or get it?:mrt:

It’s hard to answer a question like yours because there are so many aspects to it. Its like asking"how long is a piece of string".
On the top right side of this page you will see the following…“Back to:
If you click on that , it will take you straight to the info. on the book.
Good luck.
Keep us informed on how you do…

Found it and it wasnt so hard. I´m new here so you havent been around the “neighbourhood” really.
Thanks a lot and please come with some more thoughts about my training if you and others have time.

Below is a basic program for sprinter using the CFTS (note: just a template not a prescription)

Day 1: Speed + Weights
Day 2: Tempo
Day 3: SE + Weights
Day 4: Tempo
Day 5: Speed + Weights
Day 6: Tempo

How does that compare to your program? Take a nice long meandering walk through the CF neighbourhood and then come back and tell us what you saw!

check the archive in the old forum
it has lots of stuff there

Thanks…now I see that I should do more temporuns. Are they supose to be around 75-80%? And shorter recovery?
And can I manage without the overdistance runs like the 500`s?
How long should temporuns be at the most? I´m very grateful for all your help:mrt: