Is it inneficient to work differant energy systems in a session?

Take some differant types of sprint work;

A) 20m fly-ins
B) 200m sprints

Not to mention differant recovery times etc…

Is it a bad idea to incorperate several dfferant variables in the same session?

If it is, is it still a bad idea to include many variables in the same Day? ( 2 seperate sprint sessions in same day, both very low volume but working on completely differant things. With my part-time job hours, this would be easy for me to incorperate but is it a bad idea? )

I know KK was doing 2 sprint sessions a day in the off-season but he was working on the same distances and recovery times each session.

Basically I used to do 3 sprint sessions a weak when I was right into the sprint programs but now I want to do two days of sprinting a weak and have an extra day off from training. Same amount of sprint sessions but one of the days to have two sessions.

So a stress is put on the body and it adapts to the stress. But if differant types of energy systems( atp, glycotic(spelling?), and what have u),
are stressed in same session perhaps the body is getting to much info and is less likely to fully adapt??

Please respond, I learn a lot from you guys.

It might not be too bad. I remember reading somewhere about HSI doing short speed and Int. Tempo in the same session or something like that. It depends on how it is worked.

I personally would avoid it because it can cause a cross-wiring of systems in a sense because the body is not knowing what to react to or what it is trying to accomplish.

I also would not do split sessions for speed work, maybe Ext. Tempo, but not speed work. You’re not going to get the same effect and your systems might get confused yet again because of the long gap b/t days, but short gap b/t sessions.

I’m not too rehearsed on this subject, but that’s what I would guess. Anyone else want to comment?

The ordering of the activities in the session is the key element in that case.

So, would you recommend doing it? I don’t like the idea of training 2 systems in one day and splitting speed sessions b/t 2 sessions in one day.