Is cooling down after tempo necessary?

is cooling down after tempo really necessary? since tempo is for recovery and serves as pretty much a colldown from you high intensity day the day before… it seems like a half mile cooldown after tempo would be pretty much pointless since your not supoosed to get any waste product from doing tempo… it just seems like it would be cooling down from a cooldown…

I would say yes.

The fact that is just a recovery session, you will still raise the heart rate, sweat and train.

Cool Down is to bring your body down to normality, is also a good time to stretch. It is going to be slower and less intense than the training itself.

Also good to get into the habit of doing same/simialr warm up and cool down.

Humans are creatures of habits

True DMA,
We still warm-down, spending more time on static stretching and relaxation.

Good time to get some static work in. The body is nice and warm and it will set you up nicely for the following speed session.