Is a maintenance neccesary during the season?

I have problems keeping my strength and rather lose my “edge” quickly if i dont lift for a week, so how do i deal with this in-season? Or does the bit of strength lost not reduce my performance?

I’ve seen the thread on here that talks about the 3x3/3x2 and etc. maintenance program, but for me doing something like 2x5 at 85% can barely keep my full strength in place even though i’ve been squatting for over a year now (16 years old).

Thoughts? tips?

What I found is that the little bit of strength I “lose” in season is just inability to “strain” for long durations (3 seconds per rep). You are probably more powerful due to the high amount of fresh racing and training.
At your training age- you will probably lose some proficiency, or skill in your lifts as well, making your think you are weaker, but it’s just the reduced frequency of lifting causing technical/physiolgical changes you may or may not feel- Again nothing worth risking a fresh body in competition for.

I wouldn’t worry about any of this strength loss thing, 2x6 should be OK, I am not totally sure you want to go to the 3 rep range at 16 years old, but then again I don’t know you.

Just race like a mad man :slight_smile:

My max squat is 315ish at a good depth, so i was planning to use 275x5 for 2 sets or do a 275x3 for 2 sets of do 275x2 for 3 sets.

How far out should my last day of squats be till my main competition? and 275x3x2 look good? or should I do something like 245x3x2?

Get the Weights for Speed series and it will help answer some of your questions about setting up your program and keeping it going through the comp period. As a rule, the younger you are, the less CNS stress in both lifting and speed, so you can squat in closer than a high level mature athlete. That said, you need to suit yourself. Another point to remember is, if you do a long to short type program, as speed intensifies in close to meets, the CNS competition gets greater between speed and weights, which was relatively less when runs were longer and speeds lower. As the speed rises your lifting becomes more difficult to maintain. In a short to long program, you face a higher CNS load from the speed early so there’s less adjustment required later on.

I just bought the masterkit and had purhased CFTS earlier so not able to purchase anything till i get some money into my paypal account which takes 8 business days from a debit card.

So I guess a 2 part question I got now is, how much is my performance going to be hurt if im weaker? or will I really be “weaker” as silencer said.

The point I’m trying to make is that you are NOT really weaker than you were, you just have your strength divided up amongst the two demands. If you were to lower the speed intensity for any reason (you wouldn’t of course unless you were injured), you’d find your weights would jump back up.

Ok thanks.
Its just it really plays with my head when i cant push out my regular numbers that I was just like 3 weeks ago even when i was doing a good amount of speed work.