Is 4 impossible?

Suley, Kaki and Dimas (look left!) all failed.

Anyone see the response to Dimas during the medal ceremony? Unbelieveable.

What an athlete. What a character. He’ll be sorely missed.

David, the response from the crowd was awesome. I am surprised that Dimas was able to maintain his composure in the face of all of that admiration and respect from the crowd.

Regarding the attempt for 4 golds, it seems as if Suleymanoglu and Dimas both encountered some inconsistencies in between their 3rd and 4th Olympic competitions. Suleymanoglu with his lay off from training/competing which undoubtedly was a result of a lack of motivation and focus, and Dimas with injuries and undecided weightclass issues.

How were Dimas’ performances leading up to this 4th attempt at gold?


Even when he did compete (VERY rarely) it was well below his PB’s and never a 1st place finish.

Naim probably would have won in 84, tho.

Really pissed at the cbc and nbc coverage of the weightlifting and track. They showed more gay ass coverage of swimming diving and cycling and even softball instead of the REAL POWER ATHLETES who deserve the coverage since there sport is rarely seen. I managed to get almost an hour of WL coverage but still not nearly satisified. Next thing you know the’ll introduce Ballroom dancing as an olympic sport and show 11 hours of coverage. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :eek: :mad:

P.S. I guess Zeus let Hera decide whether the olympic coverage would please his followers for the last decade. :eek:

He almost did it!

Juggler - good point. He would have won by more than 20kg!!