Intensive tempo

can you do intensive tempo the day before or the day after a pure speed day.

Mon: speed
Tue: ext. tempo or int tempo
Wed: speed
Thur: ext tempo
Fri: speed
Sat: int tempo
Sun: rest
is int. tempo taxing on cns? i guess is what i am asking.

You’re asking the wrong guy. i wouldn’t do intensive tempo before or after.

What is intensive tempo?

half-way between extensive tempo and speed endurance!

i would probably wait 48hrs after speed.

mon: acc speed
tue: ext tempo
wed: int tempo
thur: ext tempo
fri: max v speed
sat: ext tempo


mon: acc sp
tue: ext tempo
wed:max v
thur: ext tempo
fri: acc sp
sat: int tempo

There is one big problem:

Int tempos are too high int for good recovery for the next speed day and they are not high enough to focus on cns-devolopment and intensification.

So its just possible to train them nearly isolated(day before and after off)

Your setup looks fine. Do it after a speed day late in the week.That way it will not have a negative effect on your speed day and you have a day to rest after it before your next speed day.