Intensity and sprints

Training to me(in a Mesocycle of 4 weeks Preseason) on the 30 meters like making in order to increase from Microcycle to Microcycle the Intensity?With more rest between sprint?

Why would you be increasing the intensity? Instead you should start with a shorter distance you can do at full intensity and go raising the distance and volume from there. Accel dev sessions at less then 100% are useless except for the occassional unloading session(s) or to work on a specific technical aspect.

Im with Aln on this one.

Me fairies an example on 4 weeks with quarter of distance/repr/rest between sets and rps to use?

Is good(?):

Week 1 -10 mt 1 sets x 12 reps(rest between reps 60 seconds)

W2-20 mt 2 set x5 reps(90 sec)

W3- 30 mt 3x4(120 seconds)

Week4-30 mt 1x5(120 sec)

looks good to me.
Thats sort of like i would plan it.
I would do some of those reps esp. the 20’s most likely starting on my stomach sort of like in a push up position.

Quikazhell -

why start on the stomach?

Forces proper position off the ground to accelerate, otherwise you fall flat on your face.

Could you please clarify - if you don’t use the proper position off the ground, you fall on your face?

Heh, that was a bit of an exageration, but the idea is to force to use proper form, specially in early accel. dev.

Thanks, yes, this is what I meant.