Now this may seem a little silly, but Im startting my training on my own this coming week. 2yrs of track in high school and all 4yrs in college and I dont think Ive gotten any faster from when I first started. This is a fair amount of motivation for me, but can people post some of there improvements since they have started using charlies methods. Please include a timeframe too:-)

14.7 - 12.4 in one year - first timed 100m 02 / 03 - I think 6 months cross country prep had caused the 14.7 tho .
I wish I could drop another 2.3 over this year - somehow I don’t think this is going to happen .

using the charlies help i took 2ths off my 30m start from a 3pointer.from 3.9-3.6 within a 3week period

what are you people on about, charlie Method what is it, where do you get it from.

shumon,every coach has his/her own idea about how to approach training for the CF has produced the worlds fastest man as in BJ,charlie wrote a book called “the charlie francis training system”.i suggest you should try and get your hands on it.he has his own idea on sprint training and the results speak fir themselves



Since using the CFTS methods I have had a major part in developing a All-american in swimming and this year (anyone that knows swimming can understand that this is harder to do in the northeast then in CA, TX, or FL)we have the following results in HS. The swimmers I coached in the Fall credit me for the 4 x 100yard freestlye relay school record and their BOSTON GLOBE All-Shoolastic award.


this year…

boys 4 x 100m relay (new school record)
Girls 100m hurdles (new school record)
Girls 200m Dash (new school record)
Girls 300m hurldes (new school record)

Last year with different School
Boys 100m dash (school record)
Girls 200m dash (school record)

I guess that I have been lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

Post college athletics…

stay tuned…

from 12.2 to 11.4 in less than one year.

Thanks guys…
Congratulations to you all…those are some impressive stats.
Anyone else?

From a coach’s side: 2 x National champions in 400m, with PB’s more than a second faster. Hope to improve on this next year. The most important - the training method is logical … as a coach, I KNOW what I am doing and BELIEVE in what I plan! Thanks to Charlie.