Input on routine needed please

I posted this late in another thread but I didn’t get any input so I thought it would be better to make a new thread just in case.

Right now I do two total body per week, typically something like…

bent over row

I usually go heavy on the leg movement in one of the weeks workouts, then heavy on the upper body movements in the other weeks workout

I’ll do that twice a week, for 3 or 4 weeks and then after a 3 week load and 1 week deload change the exercises and repeat ie

chin ups
diff abs

But for off season, if I add a 3rd full body session (because the volume and intensity of my cardio and wrestling will be way down) how should I cycle the exercises?

should I continue as I have been doing, keeping the same 3 excercises for 4-5 week waves then completely change or should I do something more like this…


Bench Heavy 1-5
Shrug reps 8+
Deadlift reps 5
abs light

Rows heavy 3-5
Romanian deadlift 5-8
incline bench reps 8+
abs heavy

Squat heavy 1-5
chins reps 8+
dips reps 8+
abs light

then after 4-5 week wave change up the exercises again and change the focus of which exercises I go heavier on, or is that too much variation?

My main question is, should I keep the 4 exercises the same for all 3 workouts in the week for a few weeks (old plan) or should I change up the exercises throughout the week (new plan)?

what are you hoping to gain from your third sesion in the off season.
I think that we need to know your goals here to be able to reply.

I agree, u need to know where ur going first and then figure out how to get there.

my goal from the third session is to get more frequency because since I will be wrestling and doing cardio much less I will have much more recovery ability.

My goals, nothing too complex really, just to get as big and strong as I can in the offseason. Of course athletically maximal strength is my main goal for the offseason but any gains in muscle mass are more than welcome.